#2900 – 3D

earlier for some reason i felt like taking pictures of myself, and i wanted to wear 3D glasses for the hell of it, so i took a few pics…

i really like that last one, i don’t know why…

work today was ok… i was so out of it at the start, though – i got home from the party last night and fell asleep ~2 am, and i had to be up and in the store by 7. store opened at 9, and when the mid and closing shifts came in starting at around 10 i went in the back to work on my paperwork. there was a TON of paperwork from yesterday being so busy… i only had time to make sure we had all the paperwork we were supposed to have and box up some phones and stuff we needed to send back to the warehouse, but i didn’t have time to verify the paperwork fully to make sure it was all correct. the managers sounded like they were going to make me stay until it was done (boo – i had stuff i needed to do and was about to fall asleep anyways), but they let me go in the end (yay!). went to the mall, picked up mom’s christmas present, and came back home and just hung out.

tonight has really just consisted of sitting around, watching movies on tv, having fun talking with somethinguseful, and crusing myspace for chix. 😛

that was one reason for me taking the pictures above, i need to replace some of the pics i have up on there with some new ones.

tomorrow i don’t need to be in the store until 2 pm. after the past few nights i think i’m all partied out until at least new years’ eve, so i don’t care WHO is throwing a party, even if it’s hugh hefner himself, i’m not going to be going without a fight.

i was going to ask if anybody knew of any new years’ eve parties that would be fun to go to, but then i remembered i was already invited to one, haha… still, what else are people doing for new years’, and would it be anything that i could go to if your party sounds like it’d be more fun? i’m an equal-opportunity party-harder, haha.

i keep thinking that today was actually monday, and that right now it’s really tuesday. nope, sorry charlie, it’s only monday.