#2898 – red hots

i had so many red hots candies tonight… i could snack on those things all day long if i was left with them, that’s how much i love eating them. tried fixing up all sorts of drinks tonight and my coworker kendrick fixed up a bunch too, his were really good.

on the way home i saw this one car speeding up to a light i was stopped at. the light turned green and i KNEW that the car was going to zoom through… and whaddya know, it ran the red light T_T… good thing i didn’t go through it. i had to follow the car part of the way up the road, and man was that car swerving around all over the place. jeez. it pissed me off.

now i need to go to bed since i need to be at the store at 7 am T_T;; at least then i get out ~3:30!