#2891 – luxury

today has been a day made for luxury – slept until 1:30, surfed the internet online in my room until 2:30, and came upstairs and hung out and surfed and listened to music until 5 when my battery started going dead and i came back down to my bedroom to (surprise, surprise) surf the internet more and listen to more music. virtually all of the music that i’ve been listening to today has been fantastic plastic machine, too.

of course, i’ll have to go up to campus in about an hour for my psychology exam tonight 🙁 i can’t bring myself to study, but i should probably do a quick refresher before going up.

sometimes i wish i knew more about the people i list as friends that don’t list me back. particularly the ladies, and most particularly one in particular who is so much like how i want to be. that’s a lot in particular, but i can’t help but feel secretly jealous of her and wish i knew her better.

oh well, what can you do?