#2889 – not again

had another weird dream last night again – i dreamt that i was in a war and everything looked like world war i – trenches everywhere, no-man’s-land, etc – except all i had for weapons were an old pistol and an old rifle, and both used percussion caps. i spent most of the dream running around trying to find more percussion caps. somehow, troutman and i decided that indiana jones was a coward because he had left his weapons at home, so i went to indiana jones’ house to get percussion caps. i found my percussion caps there, but most fo them were made of wood and didn’t work very well.

we were fighting the british, but they were wearing uniforms that looked like something from the 1700s/early 1800s, and they were riding about on camels. our hq for the war was my house, and through the whole battle my sister anne just sat and watched some episode of the kid’s show “arthur” on tv while people were fighting all around.

during a lull in the battle i started talking to kasei21 online saying that i had the house guarded by myself and she yelled at me in the dream that saying something like that to a lady was rude behavior, haha.

then i woke up.