#2888 – that's saying a mouthful

i’ve been wanting to update recently but i’ve been either a) too busy with school stuff, or b) haven’t felt like writing. a shame, because there was a lot i’ve been wanting to say but i couldn’t think of how i wanted to say it. *sigh* anyways.

recently things have been really ramping up at work – we’re now in a 6-day workweek. today (thursday) is my only day off between this past friday and christmas. that’s the bad news. the good news is that our manager at work told us during our store meeting a few days ago that we can do things like take 45 minute lunches and not really bust our butts the entire time so we don’t get burnt out, but if you do do things like that then just be prepared to help out a little extra if things get really busy. the other good news is all of the overtime that we’re making now – my paycheck today, my paycheck at the end of the month, and my paycheck on jan 14 (the day i arrive in england) are all going to be including overtime on those checks, so that’ll help me out with my trip.

also with work, i applied for a position as inventory control specialist in our store in columbia – one of my former managers called me up to tell me that it was opening up and that i ought to try applying for it since it’s pretty much up my alley… just a bit of customer care stuff that i currently do, but mostly merchandising and shuffling boxes around and such like that. so i applied for that and got a call on tuesday about coming in for an interview, so i’m doing that on friday morning. jess, our current ICS, told me that she thinks that i’m very suited to the position and that with the people that i’ve worked with i can easily do better than other people that might be applying for the same position. being an ICS is almost as fun as real-life sokoban!

some of my coworkers might be dropping by here via my globalglenn journal, so welcome and feel free to comment!

school is just finishing up – tonight is my one and only exam, and that is for my psychology class. i had to give a presentation with my group partner on tuesday about IPv6 and i think we did a very good job with that. i wish that i had more stuff for my part of the presentation, but i covered the parts that my partner/project leader told me to do, so whatever. i’m just glad that class is over with. i’m also glad that for my information systems program at school i don’t have to take computer science 202, because that would just KILL me. CMSC 201 was bad enough, so i’m very happy that i can replace 202 with this information systems class about the details of a particular programming language instead of doing another semester of back-breaking programming. i’d still have to do another semester of a programming language, but at least i can choose what i want to take.

once i get school all up and finished with i hope to go back to making posts for radiokrud – i’ve been wanting to make posts for a few weeks (ever since my trip to nyc), but either i couldn’t think of how to put what i wanted to say into words, or i was still too busy, or i couldn’t think of songs/groups to highlight.

i’m still planning some things with my trip to europe – so far everybody that i’ve talked to seem to think that the itinerary is quite ambitious and i’m even starting to wonder if i should try scaling it back some, spending more time in fewer places. *shrug* i still am thinking that over, and whether or not i should extend my itinerary another day or two, stuff like that. people are reminding me how the dollar is very weak right now and so things are going to be expensive (hence why i’m glad for overtime right now), but then again the memories of a lifetime would overcome the temporary sting of the pocketbook.

maybe i’ll make a poll to see what to do. i also need to try posting my itinerary to globalglenn too. it does look a little ambitous, but i think i’ve got it set up so that if i don’t travel as much as i think i would at first, i can easily use those few days later in my trip elsewhere. right now the itinerary has me from the 13th-29th and i’d be going to london, stockholm (sweden), paris (france), berlin (germany), vienna (austria), interlaken (switzerland), barcelona (spain), rome (italy), and monaco (it’s own country, but might as well be france too). if i didn’t extend the trip it’d be a matter of removing 2 of those places from the itinerary, and if i end up staying in fewer places for more time then it’d be even less places i’d be in then too.

i kind of want some time to just sit and relax, but travelling is too much fun (which is why i’m still on the fence about using up my 2 days back as recovery or for more travel). at least i’m scheduled off the 25-27 of this month, so that’s a nice 3-day weekend for me. and somethinguseful may be coming up to visit at the end of the month, so hopefully we can hang out some 😀

most of the previous 3 paragraphs could probably have just gone into globalglenn, but i’ll end up posting it there anyway.

what else, what else… going to see the dc convention center get imploded this saturday morning, that should be interesting.

also, last night i had a REALLY weird dream – i dreamt that i was at this construction site and some guy was carrying around another guy who had a snowman’s head in place of his head (coal for eyes and mouth, carrot for nose, the works) and the guy was telling me that the snowman-guy was decapitated, but i didn’t believe him because he clearly had a snowman’s head. later, stueypark and zenmetsu and bruno_boy and myself were walking around someplace that looked like the annapolis mall, but much seedier and dirty and low-quality. well, they may have been walking, but i sat in an office chair while they pushed me down the halls. we were about the only ones there in the mall hallways, but the shops were filled with people. one shop that i was pushed past had several different lego figures and sets in the window and i remember saying how i wanted to play with the legos. stu gave me a shove in the chair for saying that and i had to keep my chair from crashing into a telephone booth about 15 feet away. next thing i know, all of us are walking around the mall while “rasputin the love machine” starts playing over the intercom system, and i asked stu if he had heard of it but he said that he hadn’t. the dream ended with a view of us dancing down the hallway towards a bright light while the rasputin song played.

speaking of music playing in a mall, when i was at the mall last week i was thinking to myself “gee, i’m glad that i work where i do so i don’t have to listen to christmas music playing all the time.” the next day i come into work and i find out that they installed a music machine and volume knobs and so now we have christmas music non-stop from 8 am – 10 pm all automatically set. *grumble* i think i’ll kill the person who invented christmas music, especially seeing how easily 95% of the songs that are played in the store are utter crap. even i can sing better than that! anyways, when i was at the mall last friday too i think i saw paigeyiscrazey when i walked by hot topic, but i wasn’t sure and was in a rush so couldn’t stop to find out 🙁 i would have liked to say hi, though!

other than that, i think that’s all i can think of to say for now! i’ve got quite a few replies i want to make on some of the previous posts i made recently, but those will have to wait for now.