#2883 – *sigh*

i feel like i should be updating, but i don’t know what to say.

i also feel like both a genuis and a jerk at the same time. 🙁 i kind of know why, but i don’t really know what i can do about it…

yesterday i was walking around the mall and i was thinking how glad i was that my store doesn’t pipe in christmas music. today i come to work and what do i hear, but piped-in christmas music. -_-;; greaaaat.

i took a shower this morning, and afterwards i ran my hand through my hair and wore it into work like that.

i so hate that freckle/bump on my chin. arrrgh. i don’t like how i look with it there AT ALL. hate hate hate it. if there were two things i’d change with the help of modern medicine, #1 would be getting rid of that, and #2 would be laser eye surgery. 😛

must be at work tomorrow for a store meeting at 8 am. yaaaay. then after work i need to work on my paper for my presentation on tuesday.