#2882 – cat in a cooper

i had so many weird dreams last night that i don’t remember most at all, and only barely remember 2 – in one of them i was continuing my christmas shopping (yaaay what an exciting dream), but in another the whole dream was like a cartoon that i was in, and i was being chased by a person-sized white fluffy cat driving a red and white mini cooper. that cat had the most sinister laugh too, haha… really bizarre.

no hangover (yay!) thanks to heather’s info she gave me while out last night. now it’s time for a shower before going to work at 2.

eta: i remembered another dream – one of my coworkers was ironing my shirts (???), and he left the iron sitting on my shirt right in the middle and went off to do something else… i ended up with a badly symmetrically scorched shirt. and speaking of ironing, i just ironed my shirt, and that was the FOULEST smelling steam that i’ve smelt. o_o