#2880 – ladies' eye for the glenn guy

it’s like this…

gay men : “queer eye for the straight guy” :: several straight girls : “ladies’ eye for the glenn guy”

not that i’m complaining quite yet. i might have second thoughts once meowremix3804 starts to work on my eyebrows, though… o_o; they have suggested that i go to a spa, though…

eta: this makes me feel better… XD

eta eta: “…guy-oriented magazines, guy-oriented decor, and guy-oriented beer on ice. (How much more ‘guy’ could you get?)” – ok, now i’m MUCH better XD

“it’s up to you to let us know if you are uncomfortable with having any part of your body massaged. PLEASE alert your therapist before you begin. Although we try to be sensitive to our client’s needs, none of us have rated higher than ‘4’ on the BSTC (Bliss Standard Test for Clairvoyance). Remember, if you are shy, you can just wear underwear to your massage. If you are really shy, you can wear a space suit. (Please reserve ahead of time, space suit supplies are limited.)”

*cracks up* XDDD space suits!