#2877 – i chose this song on purpose

this commercialization at movie theaters is really getting out of hand! kasei21 and i went to the movie theater tonight, and first we had to sit through the slides for local businesses – no biggie. THEN we had to sit through 15 minutes of commercials for practically everything under the sun – cars, coca-cola, playstations, feminine fragrances, the whole lot. as if THAT wasn’t bad enough, then they had the NERVE to show us a 2 hour 30 minute commercial for baldwin pianos and heroin!

(yes, as you can probably guess… we went to see “ray” – VERY good movie! i was most impressed, though it did seem long at parts, but it still was amazing. thanks to my rock ‘n roll history class i was waiting for specific bits to see what happened :D)

next two movies i want to see are “oceans 12” and “the aviator”.