#2876 – mandatory overtime

when you’re scheduled 11:30 am – 9:30 pm (which is bad enough as it is), and then being starving at the end of your shift, and THEN having the entire store realize that 8:45 pm that, no, we don’t close at 9, we’re actually supposed to be open until 10 pm…….

so today i worked 11:30 – 10:15, and need to be in the store at 8 am tomorrow morning. aslfajsfadsafkasflkjdljksfad.

i’ve got a paper on IPv6 to work on and have for my group (meaning me and one other guy) to look at tomorrow. yaay.

i found solace in finding the last can of coca-cola in the refrigerator. thank god. we’ve got a bottle of coke in there but it’s that caffeine-free crap. i took that can of coke out and replaced it with two beers – i have a feeling that i’ll be wanting them later tonight. 😛