#2875 – leaves

today was mostly spent raking leaves in the backyard. i have to say that i did a pretty good job with that considering how many leaves we had back there. i also have to say that the mini looked very nice for the cleaning job i did while freezing outside on saturday, haha – the inside was so clean it might as well have been a brand new car. a pity that it still hesitates on startup 🙁 blech. i also need to get suggestions about cleaning the vinyl bits of the dashboard/doors… i can clean them and they look nice in the cleaned places, but it doesn’t come out even and looks splotchy in places because of where i didn’t get clean. 🙁

i was so out of it earlier tonight (i guess because of general stress and such). i probably shouldn’t have been driving – i went to leave the house to go to church and i started up the car with my foot on the accelerator and wondered why the engine was revving so high. good thing i had my other foot on the clutch otherwise the car would have zoomed straight into the house XD;;; later on the way home i almost didn’t see a suv going around a traffic circle, so i veered away and took a different route home like that was what i planned all along from the start XD;;;

i’ve only got 8 people listing my new globalglenn journal as a friend, and one of those 8 is me 😛 you’ll miss out on my travel posts in a month! XD now i’ll try to shut up about it until then… XD;; i’m still having trouble getting some good icons for that journal too… ^^;; festive will probably appreciate one of the new interests i listed… 😀 mom also talked about my trip on one of her regular hangouts

work tomorrow from 11:30 – 9:30. yaaaaay. i guess tomorrow is my extended day for leaving early for school on tuesday/thursday? regarding my recent post about work being crappy i think the longest i’ll be sticking it out would be until we get our bonuses (which unfortunately isn’t until feburary), since i’ll really need it around then. 🙁 i’ll still keep my eyes open for options until then…