#2872 – gah

so many things suck right now:

work sucks, because we’ve got this new process in place to help speed up transactions. previously, this line reduction worked by having the salesperson talk with the customer, and then they’d set up everything in the system up until the taking of payment and printing/signing of contract and phone activation. once everything was all set up, they’d bring the customer over to one of us customer care reps and we would take the payment, explain the contract and have the customer sign, and then activate the phone.

this new system has the sales rep talk with the customer, and then they write down everything that the customer wants on a slip of paper, and they give that to the customer and have them stand in another line. once they reach the front of that line, the customer care reps take the slip of paper, and from there we enter everything into the computer and continue with the taking of payment and such.

let me say that THIS PROCESS IS A BITCH. none of the customer care reps like it, it makes things go non-stop for us all day, leaving the sales reps free most of the time. this takes up so much of our time that we don’t have time to work on our normal customer care stuff (only one rep is left to do the customer care business, and they’re stuck up front with the customers, while the paperwork backs up in the back office). i talked with one of the ladies in charge of the operations aspect the other day, and told her how we were 3-4 days behind on the paperwork and she said “i don’t want to know that!!”. basically, we’ve just become mindless cashiers. i MUCH prefer doing actual customer care stuff, as it requires more thought and investigating, and not just button-pushing all day. even though i get people bitching at me, i actually like figuring out what’s wrong with their account or what their problem is and fixing it, and not being thrust into something without knowing what’s going on. whenever there’s a problem too we need to go back to the sales rep and have them fix it, and that takes a while (especially if they’re on the salesfloor with another customer).

we’ve also been moved from our customer care desk in the back of the store, and the salespeople have been moved to where we were and we’ve been moved to where the salespeople were. this is so we can just go behind this curved wall and grab the phones for the customer and not have to go running around the store to get everything. the problem with this, though, is this puts the one or two people doing customer care stuff right next to the people doing line-reduction, and so we have people in line bitching about their accounts side-by-side with people signing up for brand new service, which really isn’t that great of an idea.

the thing that makes me the most upset about it is that the management keeps saying to us “give us feedback!”, but we keep telling them how we don’t like it at all and it just seems to go in one ear and out the other. i talked with one manager about that and he said that they’ve tailored some of the bits for the process based on our feedback, but i don’t see them getting rid of it because no matter how much we hate it, they’re so gung-ho about it that i’m afraid that our complaints are going in one ear and out the other since they’re so concerned about quota.

this is completely seperate from the fact that in january they’re going to be extending the store hours 😛 right now (for normal hours, not holiday hours), it’s…

M-F: 10 am – 9 pm

Sat: 10 am – 8 pm

Sun: 12 am – 6 pm

if i remember correctly, the new hours are…

M-Sat: 9 am – 9 pm

Sun: 10 am – 8 pm

this is REALLY making me upset. especially the sunday hours, because there is NO traffic at all in the shopping center before noon on sundays.

so basically i’m trying to find another job, this whole extended store hours thing with the management not really listening to us or letting us do our work is really crappy. i’m trying to keep an eye out for a different job, and depending on what i can find if i find a different job, then once i’ve returned from my trip to europe i’d switch over to that once i got back. as tempting as it is to just take off of all work and do school straight through from spring to summer to fall, i’d still have to pay for tuition as well as car payments and other miscellaneous stuff. so yeah, need to find something else (i’d really want to just have some sort of office job).

parties suck, because of several reasons. right now i wish i could be out boozing it up, but the party my fraternity brothers are having is ~40 minutes away. i could be out there right now, but it started at 10 and i didn’t know about it until about 15 minutes beforehand. i could have gone out there, but when i’ve already settled myself into relax-around-the-house mode i’m not really in the mood to go up and leaving the house, especially if it involves leaving the house late at night. i’m also not really in the mood to be out driving late at night after boozing it up. what i want are closer parties starting earlier at night, or parties far away with someone to drive me around. 😛 i want to go out meeting people, and parties are fun, but it’s just the same people over and over again with girls that don’t seem interested in me. 😛 in short:

– i want to go to parties because i want to meet people

– i never see anybody interested in me at the parties i DO go to

– there’s never any parties near here

– the parties that i CAN go to are too far away

– when i DO stay the night somewhere after partying because i don’t want to drive, parents make me feel guilty enough for having that much to drink in the first place

= so why bother going to parties if there’s never anybody there interested in me, and it’s too far to drive comfortably after wearing off the booze

besides, living at home doesn’t really help either 😛 mom gave me a talk the other day asking if i’ve gotten drunk (i told her once, because it was only once on my 21st birthday that i got REALLY drunk and haven’t reached anything that bad since then), or if i’ve smoked or done drugs. the only thing that she asked me about that i haven’t done were drugs, but as for smoking i’ve had 3-4 cigars, and gotten tipsy a few times, but that’s that. so i told her that i don’t smoke or get drunk, but still, it was really odd.

and besides, how can i mack on the laydeez if all i’ve got is my little cave in the basement of the house. 😛 there’s the option of using the basement door to come and go on my own, but that option isn’t very good when opening or closing the door requires a good shove resulting in a loud slam felt through the house. so that isn’t a very sneaky way in or out. 🙁

in short, so many things have been getting me upset recently, but these two are the most prominent ones on my mind. really, they’re the two most important things if you think about it – work and leisure.

i need to find my copy of my insurance policy and read through that to see what my insurance will cover with my chipped windshield 🙁

i want to do something or go somewhere tomorrow, but i don’t know what 🙁