#2869 – "my opinion was of the 'unf unf' variety"

i love being shamelessly eloquent sometimes 😀 (i also like getting complimented by females of the sexy variety 😀 :D)

tomorrow i’m thinking about going to the washington apple pi computer show ‘n sale… unfortunately nobody else seems to be able to go with me. hrm. at the very least it’ll give me an opportunity to go motoring in the mini 😀 best to charge up the ol’ ipod then!

i’m glad i have off this whole weekend. i ought to be working on 1) a research paper for school on IPv6, 2) updating radiokrud, 3) typing up journal entries on how much work sux, and 4) laundry / room-cleaning / cd-burning and organizing, 5) adding a new ringtone to my phone for ringing / text messages (but i cannot think of what / what song to use – any suggestions? best i could think of so far was “funkytown”, hee hee), 6) working on new/better icons for my globalglenn journal (i’m surprised i didn’t get more people adding that. oh well… it’s not like it’s going to be friends-only, but still… 🙁 ).

watched “three amigos” with anne tonight – she had seen bits and pieces but not the whole movie. her reaction: “it was so stupid but very funny!”

played two games of scrabble on my computer tonight. i won the first one against the computer, and only used the “what’s the highest-scoring play i can make” option with my last move, and that used up all my letters and i wouldn’t have gotten it anyway. the second game i lost, but i held my ground for a while, and that one was against a real person over the e-zone.

ok, i’m going to sleep now…

OOH! i should try to get a krispy kreme donut in the morning!