#2868 – new journal

created a new travel-journal, so you can see about my travel writings in one centralized place and i won’t be bothering you with posts all the time about where i want to go, so since that’s going to be what i’m going to be updating on my trips from now on, better add globalglenn to your friends list 😀

spent most of the night with a headache, and work sucks balls, and the only other things i worked on were more trip-planning, setting up that journal, and that was pretty much it. i want to get that journal page set up a bit more (i want to fix the colors a bit and fiddle around with different settings, as well as maybe change/add more icons)…

i owe you guys a rant about work in general tomorrow, but now i’m going to bed.

kasei21 and i might be going to the movies or something tomorrow 😀 might play hooky from (at least my first) class too, who knows… hehehe