#2863 – rackzumsgfrx

annoyed/upset at a bunch of different things. don’t want to talk about it, really. just feeling aggravated in general.

well, i will talk about one thing: got out of work at 10:15, need to be back in the store by 8 am.

what the crap is this?? i hate holiday hours. i hate retail. get me out.

i’ve been seriously ready to start beating up on not just customers, but other people i’ve seen walking around the shopping center yesterday and today. >_< where's the holiday time off for retail clerks? and i was reading how some stores are starting to open for thanksgiving day… screw that, if my job ever told me i’d have to work that day, i’d tell them where they could shove my w2 forms.

we normally closed at 8 on saturdays, tonight we were open until 10. surprise, surprise, almost nobody came in from 8-10 tonight. would rather have been at home than in the store. normally on sundays we open at noon. tomorrow we’re opening at 10 if i remember correctly… my guess is nobody’s going to be coming in from 10-noon except the assholes who tug on the doors and glare at us as we’re normally getting ready. i’m not looking forward to it.