#2862 – leopard print underwears

it actually turned out not that bad, the day went by pretty fast, and from ~9 – 10 pm we didn’t have many customers if at all so we sat around and cracked some pretty bad puns

i cannot find the different plugs for my computer’s power supply, so right now i can only power it up in my bedroom using the 3-pronged 3′ long cable that plugs into the transformer… last i saw them, they were on my bed. this gives me extra incentive to clear it off so i can sleep on there as well. maybe not, though, since it’s still really cold in the basement… ^^;;

i had a weird dream last night – i dreamt that i was living in this really really bad ghetto slum, where the living area was just a fenced in area outside with some bunk beds. i think i was the only white guy there, and i thought for the longest time that i was black because that’s all i ever saw. the bunk beds, instead of having box springs for the mattresses, had this thing made up with just rocks and dirt packed in together that the mattress sat on. in the middle of the fenced in area was a burning oil drum that we used for our stove. later on there was a wedding of two white people too in my little ghetto neighborhood, and in the wedding one of the lines said something like “because you’re not intentionally white, i pronounce you man and wife” or something like that. i started laughing in the dream because it was such a bizarre line for a wedding, but only i thought it was funny while everybody else in the dream just stood there staring at me.

watched “the man with one red shoe” tonight – it’s nowhere near as good as “the tall blonde man with one black shoe”, though. the best part though had to have been carrie fisher in leopard-print underwears. 😀 😀 😀 while i’m not much of a carrie fisher fan (but who couldn’t like her outfit in “return of the jedi”?? :D), here’s my reaction to the scene as it occurred:

1. hey, she’s pretty hot!

2. damn, that leopard-print looks HOT.

3. …is that carrie fisher?!?

and really, who can argue with leopard-print underwears? NOBODY, that’s who. at least not me.