#2855 – ;-;

I WANT MY MINI BACK! ;__________; it is in the shop and who knows when they’ll have it fixed by… 🙁 i’m having to drive the saturn in the meantime (apparently you have to make special arrangements when setting the repair appointment to get a loaner), and it is no fun.

mini: 6-speed, fast, small

saturn: 5-speed (need to make sure i don’t put it in reverse when i think i’m putting it in 6th), slow (not enough power), handles like a boat. 🙁

gahhhh… 🙁 at the dealership while i waited for mom to get me (no loaner car, remember?), i looked at the new minis for ’05… some of the changes in them are really smart ideas, but i am a little jealous of the sunroof ones, hehe…