#2854 – "a tree grows in brooklyn", but trees grow in the bronx too.

went out duckpin bowling and otherwise had fun with kasei21 😀 also raked leaves today while listening to a bunch of songs by the who – i think they’re my current favorite band right now. i’ve had songs by them stuck in my head most of the day as a result of this. also had a store meeting this morning, yaay. 😛 good thing, though, is that my store is at something like 2.82 accessories sold for every handset sold, and if we’re the top store in the zone (~4 stores)? region (washington/baltimore)? area (northeast)? i don’t remember for sure, but each customer care rep gets $150. if i remember right, we’re #1 for that right now in our section, and last i checked we were #2 for the entire northeast area, so we just need to keep the pace up so we get that cash money. 😀

know what’s funny? i did a search on this apartment search engine for studio/1 bedroom apartments in anne arundel county, and in nyc (closest boroughs, mostly just staten island / bronx / manhattan / queens)… just to compare prices.

cheapest in anne arundel county: $530, second cheapest: $625.

cheapest in selected boroughs of nyc: $500, second cheapest: $550.

this doesn’t exactly say what seedy side of town they’re in (maybe even the rats carry guns??? the cockroaches are drug-dealers on the side???), or the amount of floorspace you get, but the cheapest one in nyc is in the bronx, and the picture doesn’t look bad and it actually has trees! (anne was surprised yesterday to find occasional trees in nyc, hence the lj subject). anyway, i just thought that was interesting to compare.

i’d be in bed now, but i must wait for my laundry to finish in the wash so i can put it in the dryer – need to take the car in to the shop tomorrow morning so they can fix it up, who knows what sort of car i’ll get as a loaner… already told my boss i’m going to be a little bit late tomorrow since i need to bring it in in the morning per the service center. poor “chance”, i’m going to be missing my baby… 🙁 *sniff*