#2852 – nyc pix

mom’s pics that she took are up here…. she took a lot more than i did… ^_^;;; here’s some of the ones i took:

kelly and anne and i found kukla, fran, and ollie in the nbc gift shop 😛 at least there was no singing of the “big-top” song!

times square, from right outside where we had lunch.

even the police station in times square has neon lights on it! check out the “N” “Y” “P” and the “D”…

kelly and anne while we waited for the theater to open

and last, a comparison!

the one on the left was taken ~3 years ago, the one on the right was taken today. i really want to order prints of some of the pics i’ve taken over the years… ^^;;

ok, time to go to bed – need to be at the store at 9 am for a store meeting 😛 😛 😛 LAME.