#2851 – back from nyc

on the way back from nyc just now, typing from my mobile internet connection as we bounce along in the car, so excuse any typos, haha… visiting the city was fun, but most of my family makes rather poor tourists, wanting to stay inside gift shops all day and stopping in doorways/passageways blocking traffic. 😛 it started to drive me nuts after a while. all in all it wasn’t too bad, though. 😀

we woke up this morning and got breakfast at mcdonald’s, right next to where we were to get on the tour bus. took the tour bus to another stop to pick up more people, and got to nyc in about 2 1/2 hours. oj, the bus driver, started saying “WELCOME TO PHILADELPHIA!” when he let us off, haha.

we were dropped off right next to rockefeller center, met up with feisty_fitz, and first thing we did (after looking at the ice skaters, of course), was go into the metropolitan museum of art gift shop in rockefeller center, and from there we went through the nbc gift shop as well. 😛 in the nbc sports section of the gift shop they showed clips of various moments in sports that were thrilling or controversial or whatever, and WOULDN’T YOU KNOW they show the jeffery maier incident just as we were watching. ooh, boy, that got me all riled up! bahaha… after we left the gift shop and were inside the center, i was fiddling around with the interactive map and saw that yummy sushi was still there, so mom took pics of it, haha… we would have gone on the nbc studio tour if it wasn’t something like ~$17 / person. blech.

(it really was kind of weird going through and seeing some of the places that i had last seen with saccarineayako almost 3 years ago and remembering all about that trip i made to visit her in nyc….)

anyway, after that we wandered around and made our way to times square where we had lunch from some hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop. wandered around some more, went into a store just across the street from the majestic theatre (where we were going to see “phantom of the opera”) and looked at the broadway-themed books and miscellanea that they had for sale. just before going into the shop i chugged a bottle of snapple iced tea, so shortly i had to use the bathroom but the theatre wouldn’t open up for about an hour and a half or so. we went into the theatre lobby and waited there for them to open up, and feisty_fitz and i snickered at the architect’s “krapp”y name, bahaha.

the play was really good, and it was neat to see a broadway play. didja know that the difference between a play that is on “broadway” vs “off-broadway” is the number of seats in the theater. at least, that’s according to my coworker, but she’s a big broadway buff so i guess she’d know. blue man group is playing off-broadway! i NEED to go see that.

so after the play we wandered around some more, took kelly to a subway stop so she could go back to campus, and went into two or three more stores before waiting around for the bus. and now we’re back in delaware, riding in the car on the way back home. didn’t take many pics, and the ones that i *did* take were mostly recreating pics of things that i saw almost 3 years ago, trying to find the same spot i took the previous pic.

saw some funny burnt-out signs on the way back, like a kinko’s sign that just said “KINK”. actually, that was the only one, come to think of it.

i love going to nyc, there’s always something to do, something to see. i would have gone to find more things to see if everybody else picked up the pace a little and wouldn’t keep wandering into stores… ^^;; that’s one thing i like about nyc, because there’s so much to do at pretty much all-hours, it’s a real CITY. and i <3 cities, especially ones that are big 'n huge like that. i said to mom and dad "maybe i'll move up here some day" - dad said i wouldn't like it, and i said "yeah, i'd have to deal with yankees fans...". he said that it's more than just that, but i told him that would be the worst of my troubles, hehe. i dunno, it might be fun. i'd want to have someone like festive be my roomie though, because we’re cool like that and have similar taste in adventure. 🙂 anne said she did not like nyc, it was too noisy and busy and “it smelled funny”, haha.

hokay, time to post this and get off the computer before i get carsick… x_x