#2850 – fish smell x_x

we just now got to delaware – we’re spending the night here, having to wake up at 5:30 am and leave at 6:30 to get to where the bus is picking up people to take them to nyc. if we had to leave from the house, that would have meant leaving ~2-3 am XD;; so i guess it’s a good thing that we’re staying in the hotel here.

anne and i watched the “phantom of the opera” movie in the car. perfect timing too, my battery lasted just as long as the movie did, haha… it made me feel a little bit carsick near the end, i guess having a screen ~18″ from your face while bumping and rolling along in a moving vehicle would do that to you… when we got out of the car, there was this funky smell around. it wasn’t as funky as new-jersey-smell… this was more like a fish sort of smell. o_o; not exactly what you want to be smelling up the ol’ schnozz when you step out of a car when you’re carsick. x_x;;

good thing i figured out how to get my computer to chat with my phone so i’m now able to use it as a wireless bluetooth modem, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to hear about my EXCITING discovery of fish-smell. i did see something truly exciting, though! it was a diner with a HUGE sign that just said “EAT”. in my 22 years of living, i don’t believe i’ve ever seen a diner with a sign that just said “EAT”. i also saw a waffle house in maryland, which is just crazy… i always thought they couldn’t exist past the maryland/virginia border, kind of like how you’d only see scrub brush past the tree lines on mountains. if i had my camera at the ready, and if i were the one driving, i so would have turned around just to take pictures of those places.

i think i’d be tons of fun on a road-trip, but i’d have to find someone who’d like doing cheesy-stupid things like taking pictures of diners that say “EAT” or migratory waffle-houses.

we stopped at mcdonald’s just before coming to the hotel – the parking lot of that mcdonald’s is the main meetup place for the trip tomorrow. it was kind of in a crummy rural sort of area, it seemed, with the only thing around being a movie theater complex that just emptied out – bunch of no-good teenagers stirring up trouble in the parking lots. why, back in my day, we had to get on scooters to get into that much trouble!

ok, feeling a little better now. better go take a shower and get ready for bed, since i’ll have to be up in just under 7 hours… yay. maybe i can score me a mcmuffin in the morning… hrm…