#2848 – *shouts across the pond*

ahoy, festive! the london apple store is opening on saturday if you want to have some fun! 😀

when i wrote my previous post about how it was depressing to see all of these hawt chix, i meant it in a sort of “all these hawt chix and me too much of a dork to say anything to any of them” sort of way ^^;; gah… to echo a previous post, i want to go out and meet girls, but i don’t know where to go. bleh…

i was THIS CLOSE to ordering my ticket to europe for january, but the cost was just out of my range. guess i’ll have to wait until payday…. *shakes fist*… !!! this webpage has the EXACT SAME FLIGHT at about half the cost that everywhere else had! if i buy it i’ll only have ~$18 in my account to last me the next 2 weeks, though XD;; gah, nevermind, it included the $5 service fee, but not the other $175 of taxes… guess i really will have to wait until payday 😛 *shakes fist again*

know what? i’m jealous of andy i… just reading his weblog and looking at his pictures, and knowing what he gets to do for a living, well… it makes me jealous. i got to meet him once, at macworld expo a few years ago (in 2002, if i remember right?) – i won a book from him in a scavenger-hunt sort of contest he had at the end of his talk, where he called out random objects and whoever had them got to pick from different prizes. i won because he said “egg” and i had a silly-putty egg from the microsoft booth, haha. still, even though he’s got all sorts of cool stuff going for him, i’ll settle for being rich and not having to work instead, i’d just need to win the lottery first!

tomorrow, opening the store and working until 5, and then going with the family up to delaware to stay at some hotel, and then saturday taking a bus from delaware up to nyc to see “phantom of the opera” (not-so-coincidentally what i got for mom for her birthday today… she liked the movie we saw of it on tv).

i thought i had a big reason why i started writing this post, but i guess i was wrong.