#2847 – hooky

i’m tempted to play hooky from my psychology class today. i don’t know why, i just don’t really feel like going, but i don’t have anything special that i could be doing instead. on one hand i could end up going home for mom’s birthday, on the other hand i could just sit here in the commons and watch all the hawt chix (who are out in full-force today) go walking around. *sigh*

bruno_boy went with some other pals to zenmetsu‘s place to play some katamari damacy. wish i could have gone, but i had to write up 3 paragraphs for my psych class (which i just emailed in to the professor, so that takes care of that), and we got back an assignment in my ifsm class (which i didn’t do that great on), and had to take care of a few other things on campus. and besides, tonight is mom’s birthday at home.

argh, there are too many hawt chix out and about today! most depressing 🙁