#2845 – out and about

i want to get out and about and meet girls and go to parties and have fun and do stuff…


i spent a good while tonight poking around on the facebook online to find hawt chix that go to umbc… ^_^;;; can’t really learn much about them from there, though 😛 two girls at school came over to talk to me today, yay! it wasn’t as exciting as it sounds at all, though… the first one walked past me nervously a few times, and once i figured that she’d come over to talk she came over to ask if i’d go over to her table to keep an eye on her and her friend’s belongings when they went out to smoke their cigarettes, while the other girl poked me on the shoulder to ask if i knew the website for signing up for experiments in our psychology class. 😛

*pokes meowremix3804 about getting out of probation to go eyebrow-tweezing and women-searching…* 😛 haha