#2844 – "who throws a shoe, honestly?" … me! that's who!

steve irwin is to crocodiles as i am to crickets. seriously! living in the basement means having to show those little buggers (ha!) who is the boss down there!

for example: i just went down to my room to get a dvd, but saw a small cricket on the ground in the doorway to my room. picking up a shoe in my room i took two practice swings at it (it didn’t jump during those, how strange), before letting loose with a cricket-smashing attack, causing it to go flying across the room. normally that’s it, the cricket goes flying across the room and smacks into the wall, and mills lane declares it to be yet another KO for glenn “bomber” harris in the green trunks from the right corner. this one was tough, though – it was still alive and started to hop around a little bit, but not after i tossed the same shoe with the perfect trajectory and power to have it land directly on top of the cricket. that little bastard chirped its last chirp and will disturb my slumbers no more.

while i’d say this one was a particulary retarded cricket (it didn’t seem to know what was going on at all), i’m happy that my skills have progressed to the point of being on-target with my shoe throwing.

now to watch some lupin the 3rd – i forgot this movie i got at otakon! XD;;;