#2843 – WHAT

what is wrong with these two images?

i’m seriously upset about this. i can understand some fly-by-night advertising miscreant being too much of a cheapskate to invest in an editor (or at least a spell-checker), but samsung ought to have known better than post crap like that. it’s like the other day when the district manager of the zone sent out an email with something to the effect of “your doing a good job!” in it. i seriously hate people who can’t spell, and bad grammar gets me all upset too. even i sometimes think of whether or not i should be using “who” or “whom”, and minor things like that aren’t that upsetting to me, but when people are making really obvious mistakes it seriously pisses me off. arghh… it’s in places that ought to know better too, like newspapers, for example, starting sentences with the word “and”! goddamn!

this is going to make me upset for the rest of the night, or at least until i have some candy. mmm, candy.


(it was funny the time that i was playing some game online and one kid kept saying “damn it feels good to be a gangerster” – stueypark and i ripped him up for that and made fun of him the rest of the game, bahaha)