#2837 – it's something

we were talking at dinner about dad’s glasses – his old pair were ok for both computer use and reading, but one day recently he forgot to bring his glasses to work and so had to buy a new pair to use while he was at work that day. they’re not prescription, but just basic reading glasses, and this new pair is stronger – they’re great for reading, but no good for computer use. anne told him he’d have to put one pair on over the other to have some sort of super-vision when he reads and does his computer work. i said “yeah, but then he’d make a spectacle of himself.”

mom & dad: “…”

mom: “well, he may not say much, but when he says something…”

dad: “…well, it’s something all right.”

me: “what can i say? i’m a font of knowledge!”

i then proceeded to talk about my “royal ‘whee'” joke from the other day, and mom said she’d never heard of the “royal ‘we'”. dad had to explain it all to her.

me: “i would have thought working in a stationery store you’d be all about different bits of etiquette!”

mom: “yeah, like i need to know british etiquette!”

me: “but there’s a british shop across the street from your store!”

mom: “hm, i guess some should have rubbed off on me, then!”

tomorrow we’re going to see “the incredibles”, and anne’s having her birthday party! i still don’t know what to get her yet ^^;;;;;