#2836 – other people do it too

it’s 4:25 in the pm. this entry was previously recorded in front of a studio audience. 😛

work today wasn’t too bad, but i was so tired throughout the entire shift. drew paid for a coffee for me, which helped a lot, but i still just wanted to take a nap.

i’d take a nap now, except i can’t really since i’m in this parking lot by bwi airport watching the planes come in to land. i got home after work and got lunch, and while i was home i checked my email and found an email from my psych professor saying that she was canceling class for the day. i wished it were my computer networks class that had been canceled, but eh. i guess i was a little late leaving the house, and i ran into traffic on the way up to school, and since class starts at 4:00 and that was just when i was arriving at bwi (which i circle around on the way to school – this way i pass by any and all traffic on the beltway, because though this route has stop lights and slower speed limits, there’s little to no traffic on the way i take. besides, who really pays attention to speed limits anyway?). since it takes me ~15-20 minutes to get to bwi from home, and then another ~15 minutes to get to school, i wouldn’t be arriving in the classroom until about 4:20ish. the class only goes until about 5:00-5:15, so i’m just playing hooky from class until i can drive back home. i’d go back now, but mom might be home already from picking up anne from school and running an errand or two, and so seeing me home so soon would be kind of awkward.

there’s about 8 or 9 other people here that i can see from where i’m sitting in my car, all watching the planes, or taking a nap (at least, that’s what this one guy looks like he’s doing).

i’d be able to post this online if a) i remembered the settings for getting my bluetooth phone to work like a modem, and b) the number it’s supposed to dial hasn’t been busy for the past day or two. 😛 i tried to dial out on my pda yesterday and all i got were busy signals. hrmph. i’d call in to tech support to find out what’s up but i don’t feel like dealing with work stuff while not at work.

tomorrow is my day off. i need to take the car in to get checked out (if i had the internet here i could find the number for tate mini’s service department). i also need to get my hair cut. and get anne a birthday present for her party tomorrow night. and speaking of parties, there’s a social tomorrow night, if i remember right. i don’t know if i’ll be able to make it or not considering i’ve got anne’s birthday party tomorrow evening, and then on saturday i’m scheduled to open the store at 8. dennis is having his halo 2 party on saturday night anyway, so zenmetsu and bruno_boy, check your email/gmail accounts if you’re interested…

and feisty_fitz: some guy in a red van just showed up here with a girl to show her the planes take off and land 😛 😛 😛 hahaha whoops, and now they’re driving off. there’s a bunch of people who brought little kids here today too.

it’s 4:42 now. i guess in about another 5-10 minutes i’ll head back home. hrm.