#2833 – ouchums

so today, work was pretty boring… the last 3 hours were just spent sitting around looking at each other.

i got another issue of “sync” in the mail today (apparently the one i got first was the october/november issue, and the one i got today is the august/september issue). other mail happenings: my bluetooth mouse was delivered, so now they should be mailing me my replacement, and my rebate for my phone is starting to be processed now too.

i messaged this girl out of the blue the other day, and i’ve got messaged by other girls out of the blue in the past few days too… mom told me today that some girl from kentucky on a message board she reads saw a picture my mom posted of me and wanted to know more details all about me and whether or not i was single, haha… too bad she lives in kentucky. 🙁 just my luck, all these wimmens all of a sudden, and this morning i just had to go and break my “equipment” – i “bent my wookie” so to speak… o_o; (warning, the actual story may be too_much_info for some! bahahahah) o_o; XD;;;

time to go to bed, so i (hopefully) don’t go falling asleep in class again tomorrow 😛