#2832 – super secret tina/kelly/michelle post!

time for the super secret tina/kelly/michelle post! since you’re the ones that probably most want to read this 😛 so here’s what happened! kasei21 and i had been talking for a few days now about doing something together this weekend since she was bored and wanted to find something to do, so i started talking with her and we decided to go bowling and to the movies today.

i started laundry this morning and planned to get a haircut before going out, but the laundry took forever so i never got around to that haircut. ^^;; i eventually even had to take out half of the clothes out of the dryer so it was able to dry the remaining half faster – after an hour of drying the full load, the cycle gauge had barely moved.

met up with lauren at the mall, i sent her a text message when i arrived at our meeting spot and she found me. since we wanted to do some bowling, and since i knew that the jillian’s in the mall had bowling (which she hadn’t seen before), i showed her where the lanes were. after i showed her where the lanes were, she and i headed over to the movie theater to see what times and what movies were showing… she had already seen “team america” and wanted to see “the grudge”… i wanted to see “team america” or “ray” or “the incredibles”, and kind of wanted to see “the grudge” (but not as badly as the other three movies), but since i figured that i’d probably be able to find people to see the other movies with, we went to see “the grudge”.

WORST. HORROR. MOVIE. EVER. probably ought to be listed under “comedy” 😛

anyways, after the movie, we went back to jillian’s to see about bowling, and then we remembered how she had her own bowling ball / shoes in her car, so we walked out to her car to get her bowling kit and returned to the alley. turned out they didn’t have any lanes open at the time, so we played pool for about a half hour while we waited. we weren’t good at playing pool and pretty much just knocked the balls around the table without getting any in. ^_^;; we played 4 games, and the first 3 ended with me sinking the 8-ball halfway through, and she won the last game.

we got a bowling lane and got situated… she said that we had to use fake names for our bowling names, so we decided on using themes – the first theme was “superheroes” (“batman” and “the joker”, guess who was who :P), and the second was “[ adult swim ] tv show names” (“sealab” vs “futurama”). i ended up winning both bowling games ~120 to ~65, haha.

after bowling, we started to walk back through the mall but everything was closed by then. we were both feeling hungry so she suggested we go to denny’s, so she went back to her car and i went back to mine, and met up in the parking lot and she followed me to the denny’s here in town. got our food (yay pancakes) and just sat and talked while we ate. when we finished there, we stood in the parking lot and stood and talked for about another half-hour there, and then since we got cold we hopped in her backseat of her car with the heat on and sat and talked for another hour or so in the backseat of her car in the denny’s parking lot. (NO HANKY-PANKY! getcher minds out of the gutter, i’m not THAT much of a dirty old man! 😛 and i kept thinking that festive would end up beating me up for making moves on jailbait, bahahah). we just talked about anything and everything before she had to go home to get ready for sleep and school in the morning, so we hugged and said our goodbyes.

it was kind of weird, i was looking at her for a while, and i noticed that from the angle i was looking at she looked eerily like distante! really weird. oh! and tina asked for pics, so here you go 😛 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

it was fun though! 😀 you know how when you first meet someone how you don’t usually know what to say to them? i think we definitely seemed to connect while we talked with each other, it wasn’t really awkward at all. huh…