#2830 – zone school, free drug(s)!

woah, i just zoned out there for a second, hands on keyboard and staring at computer screen. weirdo-weird. at least it gave me a subject line – i remember one of my teachers in high school pointing out if you read those signs by schools backwards, you get “zone school, free drug(s)!”, bahahaa. besides, i like using subject lines with my posts – otherwise i wouldn’t have been able to find that link for the previous post, it being 2 years and 2 months past.

i need to get to sleep, but i’m too hungry to sleep. i think tomorrow i’m going to cook me up some eggs, and i think we’ve got bacon and such. yum yum…

random thought: with the airport express, how it can work as a base station and you can plug speakers into it, i think it would be neat for the computer to ping the stations occasionally and automatically choose the closest access point for your speaker selection. i think it could totally be done with ping time, i just experimented myself and it worked!

this morning some guy came to our house at about 9 am, wondering if we’d sell him “our truck” – it’s not ours, it’s really my grandfather’s / uncle’s, and my dad and grandfather fix it up and we use it for taking things to the dump and such. it’s about 30 years old, and if we wanted to we could get it historic license plates, but we don’t. dad said that the guy saw the truck sitting there in our side driveway for the past few months and guessed we weren’t using it, so he wanted to buy it. kind of funny, actually, haha…

i got the first issue of this magazine i ordered when anne was having this subscription sale. i hadn’t heard of it at all before, but checked it out on’s magazine listing bit and it sounded interesting – it’s called “sync”, and it’s all about gadgets and random stuff like that. it’s a bit more, er, risqué than the descriptions made it sound, haha… the front cover says that it has articles on “your dream job: fix chicks’ computers for sex!”, “the sexy game girls of sweden: our nerd fantasy come true!”, “150 gadgets you’ve never seen”, “tech to help you: drive fast, save cash, score dates, look great, waste time”, “bribery! buy all the stuff you want and keep her happy”, and “the ultimate guide to spying: gadgets to… listen in on her cell phone calls, read the boss’ email, snoop on the neighbors – in the dark!”, with additional aricles on “rammstein, opie & anthony, and darth vader!” sounds like my kind of magazine! bahahahahahaha

i’m going to try to get my hair cut tomorrow – i’ll have to get before-after pictures, haha…

ok, now i’m sleepy. looks like no reading about the sexy game girls of sweden for me before bed, haha….

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