no matter who wins, we’re all going to get it in the end (pun intended). you voted? good for you! you did what you were supposed to, your civic duty, now let things run their course.

i mean, goddamn, i come back home and my friends list is looking like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. civility in general (both inside and outside of eljay) has gone down the crapper recently and i haven’t cared for it one bit. and people wonder why i didn’t register with the two major parties when all they do is point fingers and bitch and moan about how things didn’t go the way they wanted… newsflash, as mick jagger said, “you can’t always get what you want.”

went to a bar tonight to watch the election results, and just sat and talked and speculated with friends as we watched things unfold on the tv. nobody was taking the events that transpired personally (except for one random girl in the bar who started cussing at random, but that was the exception, not the rule). after coming from that laid-back scene, i’m disgusted with the tantrums i’m seeing (again, not just on eljay, and not directed to any person in particular). i much prefered the bar over what i’m reading, and not just because they had booze!

i owe virtual drinks to ocarina and jibakushounen for having good taste in presidential candidates, to trpeal, filmbuff, and ginnyseta for being among the few voices of reason, and godai for bringing humor to the table. there’s a few other virtual drinks in there for things that i approved of, but i’m sleepy and don’t remember them all now, my apologies…

i was going to turn comments off, but i’ve decided to leave them on as long as things are kept civil – i run a respectable joint here… be careful though, as of this writing i’m not in a mood to put up with shit from anybody.