#2821 – i voted!

didn’t get a sticker for it (they didn’t offer one to me! how rude!), but i voted! it was slightly annoying and a little neat at the same time…

slightly annoying:

the two old ladies signing people in were saying to me “oh! you’re not old enough to vote, are you?”

me: “…i’m 22.”

ladies: “oh! we thought you were 15 or 16! ho ho ho ho!”

me: *eye-beam!*

ladies: “have you voted before?”

me: “yeah, in 2000!”

ladies: “we want to see an id!”

me: “ok…”

ladies: “just kidding!”

me: *smash*

godzilla: *victory dance*

when i went to the next table to get my voting card the lady was like “have you voted before?” and to avoid a bad situation i said “this is my first time electronically!”. so there!

the new touch-screen thing wasn’t bad, but i don’t care for this no paper ballot business. 😛 ultra-lame!

little neat:

when i left the school i was approached by this one guy who was like “hi! i’m with the annapolis capital! can i interview you? :D” so i said yeah, haha… all he did was ask me about the judges, which i couldn’t really remember one from the other. ^^;; i remembered the order somewhat but didn’t really remember much specific about any of the judges, and just my luck that’s all he asked me about. 😛 when he named the candidates and i remembered who i voted for he said “that guy’s a libertarian, that guy’s a republican, and that guy’s a democrat – what made you choose them?” (they didn’t list the particular parties for any of the judges, but they did for the other candidates) – since i didn’t remember anything remarkable between the three of them i made up something how i voted for mr x because he was libertarian and so was i, and felt that it’d be a good idea to keep things balanced with republicrats in the mix, haha. saw uncle paul too while i was talking with him (he stood behind the newspaper reporter and started waving his arms around wildly, hah).

so even though i didn’t get my “i voted!” sticker today, i’m probably going to be on the public record about voting, uncle paul saw me leave the voting area, and sam donaldson has a megaphone in my icon and if his word isn’t good enough for you than nobody’s will be! 😛