#2819 – tour 2005

remember this post?

now to just figure out where to go… hrm.

eta: man, the swiss are a lot more uptight than i would have thought: “living quietly with your neighbors is a national obsession, with strict rules about noise levels (no baths or flushing toilets after 10 pm – tourist accomodation excepted).” this also amused me: “when drinking with swiss, always wait until everyone has their drink and toast each of your companions, looking them in the eye and clinking glasses. drinking before the toast is unforgivable, and will lead to seven years of bad sex… or so the superstition goes. don’t say you weren’t warned.”

this cracked me up about amsterdam: “accurately advertised as the ‘cheapest b&b in town’, ‘the shelter’ is a christian hostel in the red-light district. it has clean, single-sex dorms, free email access, and huge ‘jesus loves you’ signs.” if it’s in the red-light district, no wonder it needs huge signs! XD

man, whenever i start to plan a trip, i get delusions of grandeur and try to make it some wild and crazy around the world trip. if i find a way to do it, i’m SO about doing that. eee! and if frankenmegs wouldn’t mind, i could add another country to the list and visit them up in canadia for a day! 😀

so i’ve been fiddling around with scheduling and reading about places to go… here’s the (VERY) tentative schedule:

january 2005 ’round the world triptacular!

13 leave bwi

14 ottawa

15 london

16 london

17 london

18 paris

19 paris

20 paris

21 berlin

22 berlin

23 berlin

24 rome

25 rome

26 leave rome

27 tokyo

28 tokyo

29 tokyo

italic-y bits are the extra-tentative bits to make everyone else jealous and pad my itinerary with extra countries and my passport with extra stamps

i feel like a rock star whenever i type up something like that. XD