#2816 – my kind of movie

i’m home alone giving out candy (or i would be if we had anybody come to the house… i doubt we will even though i turned the lights on because the light at the bottom of the driveway has been burnt out, and though i turned it on, the light for the front porch burnt out about 10 minutes ago too), and watching these godzilla movies i recorded off the tv the other day. right now i’m watching “godzilla vs. monster zero”, and i can tell this will be my kind of movie! the first words spoken in it are:

“fuji, stand to contact WSA!”

“ok, glenn!”

name spelled right and everything! XD

eta: aw, man, the actor who played astronaut glenn committed suicide! THANKS A LOT, IMDB! 😛

eta eta: “Mothra was slated to appear in this film, but for budgetary reasons, she was dropped from the film, as were all references to her in the original script.” gee, that mothra! what a demanding actress!