#2805 – she don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie

today my nose has been bothering me – it’s been runny and stuffed and making me sneeze enough to be annoying. my nostril feels so tender it hurts. darn, i guess it’s finally time to kick that cocaine habit! *<- A JOKE - i am not addicted to cocaine. hot chix and apple hardware are completely different stories though!* so today i go up to school after work, hung out with bruno_boy, work on a radiokrud post (it’s updated! hooray!), and in my psychology class today we watched “less than zero” (where we learned, surprise surprise, robert downey jr is addicted to cocaine!). it was a ridiculous movie, though. i kept thinking of gaiadea and geminid and was thinking “THIS MOVIE IS ON CRACK!” and it was so 80s too! blech. jami gertz was hot though.


so that was my day.