#2804 – for relaxing times

just watched “lost in translation” on the home theater. i always have mixed feelings at the end of that movie (which must mean i’ve had mixed feelings about it twice, since that’s as many times as i’ve watched it). makes me feel a bit lonely at the end. it’s bothersome, though, because i want to watch it because i like the movie and i like the beginning/middle bits, but the end is what gets me… makes me wish i had a girlfriend (or at least a close girl friend as in both relationship-wise and distance). *sigh* i want someone to care about and someone to care about me! *pout*

and if you don’t like me being self-centered, to paraphrase lesley gore: “it’s my journal and i’ll whine if i want to.” 😛 it’s been so long since i’ve had that feeling – i’ve been without anybody for the past 2-3 years, and while some times it’s nice to be independent, i’ve been starting to miss that feeling lately. 🙁

work today was a piece of cake – the girl in charge of our inventory is out on vacation, so we have to do her stuff and ship things out while she’s away, so basically my day was spent in the back boxing up phones and counting things and fedexing and repeating. going to be opening the store tomorrow, then class. hoo-ray. interview on wednesday – the manager interviewing me i’ve known for years, but all the interviews are all asking for specific info, like “tell me what happened when _________ happened, and what did you do, and what was the outcome?” sort of questions. when i was in whole foods to get some juice to drink at work i saw they’re having a drawing for a vmoto motor scooter. i just had to enter, of course XD

mmm, hot apple cider with rum. our rum supply is getting low – i need to stock it up for my mad hungarians! 🙁

i need to update radiokrud. hrm.

last night i had a weird dream that seemed like it could have been a bad episode of ER… some people were trying to break into a hospital so i had to help hold them off, and then later i was talking to a girl who had a pet cobra and i was trying to get the cobra to eat a certain sugar egg in front of it for some reason. i was able to talk to the snake and it would “talk” back by psychically communicating with this box i had with a screen on it, and whatever the snake was thinking would come up on the screen in lower case, and the different things that the snake was thinking would cycle through on the screen, and when it decided what it wanted to say then the lower case would be replaced with WHAT THE SNAKE WANTED TO SAY BUT IN UPPER CASE. i remember at one part trying to get the snake to eat the egg by me holding on to its tail and lowering it headfirst over the egg (the snake was only 6 or 8 inches long), but at one part i accidentally let go – i thought that it was going to bite me, but all that happened was the snake started CURSING AT ME IN UPPER CASE. i don’t remember anything else other than some easter egg hunt in the dark in some spooky garden or graveyard or something… it was really odd.

when they installed the hdtv box the other day, some of the channels weren’t working right (i want my discovery wings and bbc america, dammit!) and it wouldn’t let me record anything at all. called up comcast last night and they did some sort of reset and now some of the channels are working right (inhd and inhd2, for example) but lots of the digital channels still aren’t. i also figured out yesterday that the box they installed doesn’t have a hard drive or recording capabilities, so i asked if i could get it swapped out at the local office and they said yeah, just take it in to have it exchanged. well, i did that today on my lunch break and they said that they don’t exchange the boxes at the office and i had to end up scheduling an appointment for a technician to come out and install it. 😛 also told them at the office about the channels and they said something about how some code in my account is set for the other sort of box so that’s why it’s not communicating those channels. hrm.

i ought to be in bed now. i’ve recently felt that i’ve just been doing the same thing every single day – wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep… nothing to really seperate one day from another, they all run together.