#2802 – regulate

pretend i made a big insightful post here. 😛 i wanted to make a post, but i couldn’t really put into words what i wanted to say. like when something is on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t think of what it is… it’s like that. i want to make a post, and i could kind of figure out what i wanted to post about, but i couldn’t figure out what to say about it. this shirt fits my general mood right now though. 😛 i’m partly happy, partly upset, partly pissed off, and partly irritated, and none of those are the dominant feeling i have right now.

(on a similar note, i need to get some of the shirts in the store sometime…)

work’s been getting on my nerves – i want a day off now. my last day off was thursday, and my next day off isn’t until thursday. that day doesn’t really count as a day off since i have classes on thursdays, but i’ll take what i can get. to further aggravate me, i’m scheduled off thursday-friday and sunday. if we had someone else closing the store with me on saturday i would have taken a personal day so i could have the day off that day too and get a 4 day weekend.

i applied for a management position of operations manager at our store in marley station – i don’t care if i get it or not, but it’d be nice to get more cash money but i don’t know how i’d take to managing. 😛 at least i get out of work for part of the day on wednesday for the interview.

ehh, i guess that’s about it.