#2800 – boob tube

hooray! it’s set up and (partially) hooked up – the guy needs to set up the hdtv bits when he comes tomorrow, and i’ll need to pick up some extra video/audio cables to get everything all set up the way i want it to be since we’re short on some cables, and see about picking up two more speaker stands, but it’s up! and working! and surroundy! 😀 i couldn’t really crank the volume up, but dad and i tried it out and it’s working fine.

i can’t fall asleep, i want to play with my new toy 🙁 need to be up and in the store in 6 hours though 🙁 🙁 but the world series will be in my living room in surround sound tomorrow X3 now we’ve got a giant big empty box (we couldn’t fit that in the living room to unpack the tv, so we had to take it out in the kitchen, put it on an upside-down rug, and used that to scoot it across the hardwood floor) that dad and anne are going to turn into a camera obscura.

oh, and kasei21 (since you seemed interested in them, and for anybody else who wants to make their own): i found the image that i used to make my different emoticon icons 😀 and speaking of icons, i like how theteague noticed months ago how it looks like i’m actually in a part of one of my other icons in the way they’re laid out on the website – see how it looks like my head actually is in part of the top picture? crazy!

the end of work tomorrow can’t come soon enough X333