#2799 – the story behind the tv

so i made up my mind that i wanted to get a hdtv (i blame saccarineayako for getting my wheels turning in the first place). did my research and figured, hell, if i’m getting a nice hdtv why not get a nice speaker setup for it too? after reading all the reviews and reports and specs and manuals online, i settled for the sony kv-30hs420, which pretty much was the most bang for my buck. since i wanted the surround sound and/or a progressive dvd player for it as well, i decided to get the dav-fr1 dream system too.

so i was hanging out at arundel mills the other day with zenmetsu and we go into the circuit city there and look at the tv to see how it looked. i said to the salesman “i’m interested in buying this tv set, what’s the first step to get it?” and he said that either i could have it delivered, or i could take it with me. i told him i’d take it with me, and so he asked what kind of car i had. when i said “mini cooper” he thought i was kidding, hah. they had a guy from their warehouse come out to see if it would fit, and he took one look at the car and said nope. 🙁 had to go home, get dad and the van, and drive back up to the store to pick it up. they helped us get it in the car, but dad and i almost couldn’t get it out of the van, it’s that big. it filled up the entire back of the van even with the rear seat all the way tilted forward. as for getting it inside the house, it fit exactly through the doorway with not even millimeters to spare.

i had been thinking of the table to put it on, but after seeing how big it is (we haven’t even taken it out of the box yet), i figured that i really would have to get a tv stand for it. after classes today i went back out to the same store to see about getting a tv stand, and after talking with the salesman and looking at a few i settled on one that seemed not too bad – big enough, with two shelves for componets and hidden cabinets for movies and miscellanea. i just finished putting it together about 30 minutes ago, so it took me about 3-4 hours to set up but i was half paying attention to the tv during that time… they really need to write these instruction manuals better. at least ikea’s manuals don’t even have written instructions, it’s all just pictures! probably about an hour of setup was just trying to get screws to go in properly, or trying to find one screw that went AWOL on the living room floor for about a half hour. at least that’s all set up now.

anyway, funny story about getting the tv stand. when i bought the tv the salesman said i could get 10% off of anything extra for the tv i bought at that time, so i got 10% off of the speaker setup. he asked if i needed a tv stand but i told him no, and so he told me that i could come in for a few days afterward and get one and still get the 10% off. so i came in today, with my reciept, and told the salesman who helped me out about it and he was able to get me my 10%. when we were ringing up the tv stand we found out that it wasn’t in stock at that circuit city, but turned out it was at the one in annapolis. once we finally got the purchase all set up, all i needed to do was go to the one here in annapolis and show them my reciept and pick it up. the store in annapolis closes at 9. it was 8:43 when i left the store, and from where bwi meets the highway it takes ~15 minutes while slightly speeding to get home, and i was ~5-10 minutes from bwi, so it was going to be close. drove down the highway with the hammer down and was still about 10 minutes away at 9 pm, but i went to the store anyways. just my luck one of the guys from their warehouse was helping load up someone’s car so i told him i just had to make a pickup, so he let me into the store where they verified the reciept and then i ran out, backed the mini up, and we tossed the box in the back. i was surprised i was able to do that, i was all figuring that i would have to return tomorrow morning to pick it up. so that was a nice surprise.

now we just need to get it OUT of the box and on to the stand. to get it out of the box requires destroying the box (you cut down the side corners to flatten the box and then you can lift the tv up). a shame – i wanted to try seeing if i really could have fit it in the mini if the box was still in one piece, haha…

when we were hanging out at arundel mills after seeing about the tv i stopped by the comcast kiosk there to see about signing up for hdtv service. i didn’t think they’d be able to do anything for me since it’s under my mom’s name, but i was able to fill out a work order and everything no problem. later i read on the back that “subscriber” is considered to be either the person whose name appears on the account or the person who fills out the work order, so i guess that works. the guy at the kiosk asked if i knew some guys that work for verizon wireless when i mentioned where i worked, and i knew who they were – turns out they’re aquaintances of his, so he was able to work out some deals for me to get things a little bit cheaper for the setup, so that’s all good, haha…

yesterday i got a doorhanger from fedex saying that they tried to deliver me a package but needed my signature. i was thinking it was this bluetooth mouse i ordered last week, but turned out that it’s this bluetooth headset i ordered from work. it’s light as anything and i’d probably forget i’m wearing it. it’s cheap too after a rebate, something like $20. anyways, turned out that’s what they tried to deliver yesterday, because the fedex guy said that there was a new package that arrived today and then gave me the box for the bluetooth mouse. it’s not that bad of a mouse, but occasionally it caused the arrow to go skipping around on the screen due to wireless interference or bad tracking or a combination of both. at least i don’t have this meter (or “metre” as jschlackman would want me to call it)-long cable around the place driving me nuts. can you guess what wireless spec i’ve been excited about lately? XD

when i was driving around the other day doing these errands i was listening to that baldwin brothers cd – it’s good “man-about-town” playboyish lounge music with just a hint of electronic remixing thrown in. i’ve got the whole album up as a zip file, but it’s in aac format so you’ll need itunes and/or the latest version of quicktime. it’s 56 megs, so give it a while to upload before you try to get your download on. 😛 it’s still great to listen to, though…

eta: it probably helps if i give you a link for that zip file… 😛