#2793 – editor's followup

jeez, FINALLY that game’s over! drew (my manager) is going to be happy in the store tomorrow (he’s from boston)… oh, that reminds me! that post i made yesterday about he’s going to be going to this direct sales sort of position at headquarters? well, looks like i won’t be able to apply for his position at my store because josh, the ops manager at the marley station store where i was today, was asked today by the district manager if he’d like to transfer over to annapolis, so he said yeah. don’t know if this’ll mean that his position will be open or what, so i may or may not apply if it does.

i need to update radiokrud. i feel guilty. XD;

ACK, and now the national league’s game is in the 9th inning tied at 0? looks like two games in extra innings tonight! and i thought i’d be able to go to sleep! wait, houston just homered in the bottom of the 9th! hooray!