#2792 – mustache / non-sequiturs

(lots of writing in this post is rather disjointed – i’m distracted between typing up the post and watching the baseball game and doing a few other things at once, so if you get through it you deserve a medal!)

woah, if this guy weren’t dead now, he’d probably need to shave – check out that mustache!

these bosox/yankees games are getting to be nail-bitingly close… it’s fun to watch, but too bad it’s not the ol’ orioles up there 🙁 at least i won’t be sad if they lost because they can’t lose, but i’ll be unhappy if the yankees win. 😛

work today really was as slow as i thought it was going to be, but of the few people i helped half of them were major assholes. goddamn! i got to marley station mall just before 8 and helped open the store. i’d heard how small the store was, but never actually saw it until today. it’s really about the size of our kitchen, and that’s the WHOLE STORE.

wait, now they’re going through the entire postseason runs scored (27) in 27 seconds with the footage all sped up… reminds me of old footage where you’d see babe ruth zipping around the bases.

anyways, so i helped open the store AND got all the paperwork for the day complete and still had about 45 minutes before the store opened.

wait again – anybody else see these commercials for “the rebel billionaire”? i’d do all that crazy stuff just to adventure it up with sir richard branson. bah, i need to win the lotto!

otsukare_sama is going to love this next bit: ANYWAYS, so i got all the stuff for the store done way early, and for the first few hours i just ended up sitting there trying not to fall asleep. helped out a few people with billing questions (really easy stuff), but then i had this one lady come in with her phone. it had frozen up at home on saturday, and she had put it on her charger since then but it still wouldn’t do anything at all. i told her we could swap it out in the store for a refurbished one (exactly what the manufacturer would do), and she started to complain that she had the insurance on her account, so i told her how the insurance does not and will not cover manufacturer defects, only things like physical damage or loss. she kept wanting to know why we wouldn’t give her a brand new phone to replace her 5 month old model, when no matter how many times or how i explained it she wouldn’t believe that the manufacturer would send her a refurbished unit as well and so would the insurance if she was trying to file an insurance claim. this went on for a FULL HOUR of her and me talking back and forth about how we do just what the manufacturer does, just without the weeks of being without a phone in the meantime that the manfacturer is repairing it. eventually i swapped out the battery on it for her because she did not want the refurbished unit, and to both of our surprises the phone powered on (the phone freezing up is a software problem, the battery only really provides power to the phone). i told her to take it into a store to have the software checked. basically she wanted either a brand new unit, or the one she had repaired, not any that someone might have had previously (whether or not it was refurbished to new spec at the factory! :P). it was pretty funny though when the manager at the store heard our conversation from the back – when she started yelling about the insurance sending out refurbished units and how she didn’t believe me he suddenly handed me an insurance brochure over my shoulder pointing out the part where it specified they’d send out refurbished phones and how they didn’t cover manufacturer defects, bahaha…. he’s got ears like a hawk.

so after he gave her that brochure she went to call her husband to bitch at him about the situation, so i went to help the next person in line. it was some girl and a guy who were complaining that they signed up to get their bills deducted automatically online and were getting emails saying it would be automatically deducted from their credit card, while they were getting paper bills at the same time saying they were overdue. called into customer service and talked with several people at different departments to get to the bottom of the situation, and when i was finally transferred to the department that could fix the problem once we had figured out what it was he needed to speak to the customer to verify some information so they could get it taken care of. after talking to him for a minute she suddenly puts the phone down on the counter, crosses her arms, and starts bitching to me and the guy she was with how she couldn’t hear the rep on the phone at all. i could have killed her then if he ended up disconnecting the call after all the work i did to get her that far! i grabbed the phone off the counter and could hear the guy plain as day and he was loud and clear, so i don’t know what her problem was. 😛 once that was set then i went back to the cellphone version of the cuban missile crisis with the previous lady. 😛

later this other guy comes in with a phone that’s about 3 years old, looking for the cradle for its desktop charger. the desktop chargers for phones consist of two parts: a power brick with a round plug, and a cradle which that round plug fits into and that the phone sits in. the man had lost the cradle part, but he still had the power brick/cable bit. now, phones change every 6-8 months, so the phone that he had was about 6 revisions back from what we currently carry, and the stores don’t carry accessories for equipment that old. the rep was going to sell him a travel charger that would fit his phone (a power brick/cable that plugs directly into the phone to charge, no cradle needed), but the guy started yelling at us about it. the manager was out on the salesfloor and told him that we could try to order a desktop charger for him but it would be hit or miss. i was working on other things so i don’t really know what exactly happened, but eventually the rep was going to sell him a new phone. turned out the guy was out of market anyways so we couldn’t pull up the account (we can still sell a phone to him, it just takes much much longer than it needs to because we need to call into customer service to verify all the information and activate the phone), and as soon as he heard that we couldn’t pull up the account he started yelling and cussing saying things like “GODDAMN! I HAVE A 14 YEAR OLD MERCEDES BENZ THAT I CAN STILL GET PARTS FOR SO WHY CAN’T I GET PARTS FOR MY PHONE?! FUCK VERIZON!” – that’s when he crossed the civility line and we just let him leave the store instead of selling him the phone.

so i ended up getting out of work at 4:30, came home, watched some of my blue man group dvd i picked up but got tired so i took a nap (only got 4 hours of sleep last night and the night before) so i could go to the business meeting up at umbc tonight at 7. had mom wake me up at 6:30 so i could make it up there but ended up being still too tired to really get up, so i kept on sleeping. mom and dad eventually called me to dinner, but i was still really tired so i stumbled to the table, mumbled something about being “unable to operate a fork and knife in this condition”, and stumbled back to the couch.

i’m going to be getting plenty of sleep tonight since i need to open the store tomorrow as well (at least it’s my usual store so it’s only a 5 minute commute instead of 35). that is, i’ll be getting plenty of sleep if this game would hurry up and end – it’s the 14th inning now! i tried to get plenty of sleep last night but got caught up watching the blue man group dvd in bed and wasn’t able to fall asleep. i’ll be having my information systems class tomorrow as well, and i end up falling asleep in that class almost every single time as well – it’s bad to nod off in front of my laptop (with my laptop asleep as well!), and wake up to see things written all over the previously-blank whiteboard. XD;