#2789 – "no"-meter

i’m hungry… ;_;

bunch of different things happened today – work was kind of slow, and i mostly just floated around the store working on 3 or 4 different things during my shift. drew, the ops manager, returned from his 2 week vacation today – we missed him since he’s such a character, haha. keith, one of our techs, had his last day in our store today – he’s supposed to be eventually going up to our store in marley station, but he’s being transferred to our store in bowie in the meantime. drew also apparently got a position he applied for up at our headquarters, so he’s going to be leaving the store in about a month. that’s good news and bad news – good news because that frees up the ops manager position in our store so i can apply for it and possibly get the manager job (more pay! i’d be able to get my own bachelor pad! :D), but bad news is it’s at the expense of him leaving for a different store. i’m happy for him and all, but we’re going to miss him a lot. 🙁

after work i hung out with tom, went home for dinner, then up to soundgarden and poked around up there. the spoils of the music raid:

– dvd of blue man group’s “the complex” tour (i looked at only a little bit, but man, that thing is fun to watch – i so want to go to a bmg concert sometime!)

– soundtrack to “school of rock”

– ray charles: greatest hits

– pink floyd: meddle

– mötley crüe: girls, girls, girls

and two albums i picked up just because of the cover art…

i had to get that second one because one of the guys looks so similar to whammywah it’s uncanny… i tried to get him to come along, but he was working on a take-home exam, but lo and behold i found him there anyways:

it’s actually a really good album, i’m glad i picked it up – i’ll post the tunes when i get a chance 😀

leaving the parking garage in fells point is so much fun – it’s like a maze!

tomorrow i’m opening up at a different store – their customer care rep broke their leg or something, so i need to wake up extra earlier so i can drive up to glen burnie to work. XD; hoorayyy…

note to self: make a list of the things you want so you won’t drive yourself nuts