#2783 – a change is what i need

loud blue man group beats

cars dancing in rear mirror

synthesized earthquake

i went to the job fair on campus today, gave out my resumé to two or three places and talked to another 3 or so. the guy from nothrop grumman seemed really enthusiastic about my resumé, as well as the people i spoke with at tresys. i don’t remember all the places i talked to off the top of my head, and i can’t look up the business cards and flyers i got because they’re all in my bag and i’m in class at the moment. let me see if i can remember… xerox, nsa, nothrop grumman, tresys, some IT consulting company based in france, clearchannel (yuk 😛 i didn’t really talk with them though, since i only stopped to look at their flyers – they’re not hiring musicbloggers, oh well), uhhh… i think that was it. at least i’m dressed classy today.

i feel like i need a change, like i’m stuck in a rut. i want to do more school stuff, but i can’t because i’m working full time. i want to explore other work options but i’m limited because of classes and school. (i was sick of recruiters asking “what’s your gpa?” :P). driving to school i felt like i was in a daze. i’ve felt that way for the past week or so – i’d be awake, but i stell felt like i could be asleep, like i wasn’t all there. i almost thought i was seeing some things that weren’t there, like a quick flash of something in my rear view mirror that just as suddenly disappeared. i just need to get myself doing something else; i feel like all i’ve been doing has been the same thing every single day. i feel like my life has stagnated, and it’s not fun, not one bit.

i walked around campus a little bit after the job fair and deposited my check in the bank for now, then walked around some while listening to my ipod.

i stopped at a vending machine and a poster advertising studying abroad at temple university in japan caught my eye, so i took a postcard to send in for an application. *shrug* it couldn’t hurt…