#2781 – best QOD response evar πŸ˜€

so i got to work at 2 pm, even though i was scheduled in at noon. ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;; i sent one of my managers a message on my way in saying i was sorry, that i had overslept and would be in shortly. wouldn’t you know that he had the day off. ah well. i got to work and went into one office to find him but found the store manager in there talking with a few other coworkers and so i made an escape from there. talked with the other customer care reps and they cracked up when i told them what happened and they said they wouldn’t rat me out, hahaha…

my manager spooked me at one part though – he said he needed to talk to me about something, but then it turned out just to let me know to send out some stuff to be archived. he said that we probably shouldn’t put them in this one office because the district manager is going to be using that as his office, but i put them in there anyways. XD can’t yell at me for it tomorrow because i’m not going to be at work! got the day off tomorrow! XD

i was wearing all black again today (johnny cash style!) and otsukare_sama said i looked like a ninja. that’s good, maybe that helped contribute to nobody noticing me being late? XD; he also said that his brother’s japanese girlfriend doesn’t believe in ninjas – kind of how people here don’t really believe in ghosts or the boogieman, it’s the same sort of thing. so anyway, i was 2 hours late to work today. weird, too, because i remember setting my computer’s alarm to go off at 10:30, but it didn’t go off at all. maybe i forgot to click the box to turn it on or something? hrm… it almost makes me feel a little bit upset (but not really) that i didn’t get a call from anybody at work saying “hey, where are you??”, like they don’t care, bahahah… oh well, hehe….

had to sit in a conference call at work today too, rather boring. they could have just read the m&ps over the phone and people wouldn’t cared much, but now i need to take the notes i took and write them up and send them to the other customer care reps. whee…

pretty much everything that could go wrong today went wrong, though. very annoying. must be because it’s wednesday the 13th. πŸ˜› at least we weren’t stuck in the store until 11 pm again tonight – we actually got out pretty fast tonight.

i’m coming down with a headache. πŸ™ one of the other reps had to leave early because of her sinuses getting to be pretty bad.

oh, and about my post with what to do with the check – i’m definitely going to save/invest some of it. it’s just trying to figure out what else to do with it that’s been driving me nuts…

tomorrow: laundry, print up resumΓ©, need to deposit check in bank, get gas for car, take picture of odometer (just a few more miles to 5k, bitches!), go to umbc for job fair until 3:30, and then class from 4 pm – 8:00ish. i think i might have an exam in my psychology class tomorrow. hrm.