#2779 – sorry if this makes me sound like a dick

i really don’t know what to do with that check i got in the mail the other day. that plus my paycheck i’ll get on friday would come out to be about $2600 of magic free money, and i don’t know what to do. all i know is i want to a) pay off my credit card / bank loan (~$550, and taking out for bills for the month it’s still going to be ~$1900 for me), and then i want to buy/do something nice for myself, but each time i think i’ve figured out what i want to do with it i think of something else. maybe i should fix up a little home theater? or maybe i should get a canon digital rebel? or just maybe i should take it to vegas for a day or three?? or stick it in savings and use it to help pay for another trip to japan early next year??? or who knows?!? the possibilities…

$1900 goes a long way for something nice for yourself, but the problem becomes what that nice thing is going to be. it’s enough for a one-time dealie, but not enough to quit your job over.

i almost feel bad even talking about it like this… ^^; too bad my cabinet (as in trusted advisor, not as in kitchen) is somewhere in the panama canal right now XD;

edit: any posts that say something to the effect of “give it to me” get it socked to them 😛

edit edit: annette strean is hot 😀 i liked the song before i saw the music video, and now i like the song even more. 😀 and now i want orange juice too… 😛