#2764 – hole in the ceiling

so one of my coworkers was saying the other day how she came home for lunch (she lives only a few minutes from the store). she recently had these new mexican/hispanic neighbors that moved in the apartment above hers, and apparently they’re 1) constantly throwing parties, and 2) constantly drunk. so she’s at home fixing lunch when she hears this guy say “helloooo~~?”, and turns around and looks up to see this guy waving at her through a hole cut in her ceiling – they got drunk at a party they had and decided it would be somehow a great idea to cut a hole in their floor. apparently it looks like something out of a cartoon, this hole just sitting there. she said she’s afraid that a kid or somthing is going to be walking around and fall through into her living room.

how great would it be to have a hole in your floor?? it’d be easy to set up for indoor mini-golf games! or do some homemade skeeball… hmm… the possibilities!

psychology class is starting now, time to pay attention…

update: man, this reminds me of mr reeve’s old biology class back in the day, where he used to talk to us about how many bug-parts were allowed in people’s food by the FDA and stuff like that, haha