#2761 – drunk enough to be dangerous / "i need to sit on a piece of bread, because i am on a roll!"

yeahhh, i’m soo drunk. sober too. it’s a weird sort of state…

i only wish that dennis didn’t have to leave so early to take emily back so that she wouldn’t turn into a pumpkin so early because of her probation… i’d say more but i’m either too drunk or not drunk enough, and drunk typing is dangerous! so instead this is me looking sad: 🙁 it still was a crazy fun night though, haha

tomorrow: open store at 8 am, work until 3, have class from 4:00 – 8:30ish.

man, this post came out so well for being a “drunk” post! 2x yaegerbombs (yaegermiester + red bull), 1 yuengling, and 1/2 a manhattan (yuk, too much whiskey). go me!

i’m taking another bagel to bed with me.