#2760 – outta space

huh, i’ve only got less than 2 gigs of space free out of my 80 gig built-in laptop drive… guess i’ll need to do some cleaning out sometime, hmm…

sad thing: half of that is my music collection XD;; OHOLY SHIT… that cricket i mentioned last night – HE’S BACK! freaked me out too! ended up killing him though, with my patented glenn method of killing crickets™ © (pat. pending). basically you just need to take a shoe / newspaper / whatever and you don’t hit downward trying to smash the cricket against the floor, but instead you want to hit it like a golf ball or baseball or something, so the force of you hitting the cricket injures it enough and it flies across the room and hits a wall or something, then it’s wounded and dazed enough for you to dispose of!

i feel like the crocodile hunter… 😛