#2759 – no respect

let’s recap the day, shall we?

couldn’t fall asleep last night until about 4 am, and i had to be up at 7:30 and at work at 8. not only was i not able to fall asleep until about 4 am, but between 4 – 7:30 i woke up about 3 or 4 times and had trouble falling back asleep each time.

work itself wasn’t too bad, went by pretty fast. my manager was going to coach me because he thought i used the wrong reason code for this discount, but i told him no, i was right, so he double checked the methods and procedures and turned out that i really was right. go me!

had my classes. turned in my homework in my data communications / networks class (i didn’t know what i was doing for half of it though, but it was the same thing for me with the previous homework assignment and i managed to pull those answers out of my ass and got it almost all right). chatted with emily about her situation while i was in class, and then after class hung out with bruno_boy where we talked about musicblogging and radiokrud and i got the song “atomic dog” stuck in my head:

bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay bow wow yippie yo yippie yay…

went off to my psychology class… i was tempted to play hooky because that lack of sleep made me really tired, but i stuck it out and tried to take notes for class. taking notes on a pda using grafitti is hard enough to do awake, and impossible to do when falling asleep – it just came out all garbled, so i ended up turning on the audio recorder bit of my pda and sat back and drifted in and out of consciousness. i was almost ready to walk out of the class because i was that tired, but i’m glad i stuck it out so i wouldn’t have to do a (harder) retake of the quiz we had in class today – it’s all on what we learned in class that day, and even with me falling asleep and waking back up throughout the class i am positive i got a 5/5 on it.

went out to tower records afterwards to find dad’s birthday present, but they didn’t have it – guess i’ll have to order it online and have it sent to the house… ended up getting a michael schencker group cd, but i don’t know why i got it since it didn’t have the song i wanted on it. music is slowly becoming for me what shoes are to ladies – i can never have enough! right now i’ve got too many songs to fit on my 40 gig ipod (!), so i need to fiddle around with the playlists for it.

came home, watched the debate on tv, downloaded more songs off of musicblogs (i’d been lazy about downloading and checking them out recently), made my ROCKTOBER post for the day for radiokrud, and just sat around. chatted with dennis and he says that he and emily should be at o’brien’s tomorrow night. things have really sucked for her today – hope tomorrow’s much better 🙁 *sends good vibes, crosses fingers, etc*

rodney dangerfield passed away today 🙁 got one of his albums today, but in true “no respect” style i had downloaded it off of alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.comedy, heh…

going to go to the rennfest this saturday with coworkers that also have the day off along with emily and dennis, and then that night we’re having a cookout at ben the nun’s tiki-bar. should be fun times! 😀